Is Vinyl Flooring Right for Your Business?

Vinyl flooring is a highly customizable option suitable for an array of venues, from luxury hotels to laundry rooms. Due to its vibrant possibilities and excellent durability with this vinyl backdrops, it’s frequently found in businesses across the globe, from law offices to restaurants. If you’re deciding whether vinyl flooring is the right choice for your business, the experts from Kolay Flooring International in City of Industry, CA, have the expert advice you need.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or are changing locations, the commercial flooring you choose will have a major impact on the function and aesthetic appeal of your business. For example, many people prefer the timeless, natural look of wood flooring. However, wood tends to be difficult to maintain and can scuff, scratch, and incur water damage easily, which makes it less than ideal for high-traffic areas. For that reason, despite the coveted look, restaurants rarely employ hardwood flooring, as it wouldn’t take long to soil the floor with spills and scuffs. Meanwhile, tile and stone flooring are more resilient but can be very noisy and uncomfortable for employees. And when tile or stone cracks, repairs tend to be costly.

Instead, many business owners opt for vinyl flooring, which can look just like the stone, tile, or wood style they desire. In fact, many people can’t even tell the difference. From dramatic patterns to the sophisticated look of marble tile, you can attain the precise style and color you have in mind. Vinyl is also inexpensive, long lasting, and moisture resistant, so you can rest assured you’re making a healthy investment for the future.

For high-quality vinyl flooring that will impress your customers and keep your employees happy, look no further than Kolay Flooring International. To learn more about how the premier flooring company can help you, call them today at (909) 444-2745 or visit the website.