From Wall Protection to Flooring: Why a Full-Room Design Plan Matters

For room design, having a complete plan will make a significant difference in how smoothly your project goes. Knowing every detail from the early stages of development will ensure your design ideas are fulfilled and nothing important is left out, including flooring, wall protection, and baseboards. The professionals at Kolay Flooring International in Walnut, CA, understand the importance of having a room design and share the advantages it provides.

From Wall Protection to Flooring: How a Full-Room Design Plan Matters

Overall Effect

A full-room plan guarantees your space will have a cohesive, comfortable flow. Colors, patterns, and furniture styles are plotted to create harmony. Besides color palettes, trim, and furniture selection, functional elements like flooring, baseboards, and wall protection also should be included to ensure they maintain the room’s aesthetic.

Wall Protection

Chair rails, wainscoting, and other paneling serve as wall protection to keep the surfaces clean and damage-free. Furniture, appliances, and people will cause dings and dirt on walls. Incorporating wall protection in your design plan makes it easier to choose styles and colors that suit your room while keeping your walls in top shape.


Baseboards are used where the walls and floor meet. They conceal gaps and protect walls from scuffs and scratches. Both functional and decorative, baseboards give a clean finish to the perimeter of a room and should be considered when designing your space.


Flooring can have a tremendous effect on the feel of a room. The flooring you choose should match not only the style but function of the space. In a kitchen or bathroom, choose flooring that handles moisture and humidity well. Think about traffic patterns and select a material that stands up to wear and tear while maintaining its appearance.

Kolay Flooring International in Walnut, CA, is the company to choose for residential and commercial spaces. From custom flooring and baseboards to wall protection, they offer high-quality products and customer service to companies, contractors, and architects throughout the country. To learn more about their Dura-Wear™ products, visit them online or call (909) 444-2745.