Why Kolay Flooring International?

As of last year, through our nationwide distributors, Kolay Flooring International, LLC. sold millions of square feet of Kolay products worldwide and is on target to triple in volume this year due to more expansion worldwide some wedding dress store and hair wigs store also use these kind of floor.. What sets us apart from all our competitors? We can custom manufacture any design or color of vinyl plank according to your specific needs. We manufacture plank in 5 different widths and lengths, 7 different wear layers, 4 different thicknesses and over 10 textured surfaces.

Kolay Flooring and Kolay Dura-Wear are great long lasting, durable product for your projects. Floor contractors love the look of hardwood but find that it is much more costly than their budget will allow. That is why the vinyl plank floor has made such a huge impact on the flooring industry in the past few years.

Hardwood floors are a favorite of many homeowners, but they are not appropriate for all areas of your home. Rooms where moisture is prevalent like kitchens, bathrooms or basements are often inappropriate for hardwoods. Cost can be an issue with hardwood flooring as well. Between the cost of the materials and installation, if you do not have the required tools and skills to do it yourself, installing hardwood floors can be a very expensive proposition.

Vinyl plank on the other hand is suitable for any area in your home as it is entirely waterproof and can stand up to the sort of abuse that would damage other types of flooring. Vinyl floors do not warp, suffer water damage, stain or scratch easily, or harbor mold and mildew. This durability makes vinyl plank flooring suitable for high traffic commercial applications as well as play rooms, bathrooms, laundry areas, home gyms, basements, mud rooms or kitchens. Once the floor is down, it is hard to tell it apart from real wood floors, but has a softer and quieter underfoot than a hardwood floor.

Vinyl plank flooring is priced to fit the budget of just about any homeowner and installation can be completed quickly even if you have never completed any home improvement projects yourself.